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You can now get cakes inside of cans in Toronto

The cake inside of cans that's gone viral in Japan and across the internet is now available in Toronto.

Yup, that's right, the stunning dessert that shoves cake typically served by the slice into a transparent can can now be gotten at Mofu Japanese Bakery's new location in Scarborough.

Articles about cake served in cans in Japan started popping up on the internet about a year ago, with people lining up to try (and of course, snap pictures of) the jaw-dropping takeaway desserts.

One great aspect of these cake cans is that unlike slices or cupcakes, the desserts don't get squished during any kind of travel and stay presentable.

Now, Toronto's Mofu is getting in on the action.

Their cake can options are pretty similar to those you might find in Japan, which often take on the style of a shortcake or chiffon cake. Their strawberry and custard cream option should be close to the types of strawberry shortcake cans you can get in Japan.

The bakery also makes items like buns, roll cakes and almost equally viral fruit sandwiches and mochi muffins. They also sell regular slices of their original strawberry shortcake, if you're into that kind of thing.

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