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Toronto's hottest new pizza joint has been closing early because they're selling out

Toronto's Pizza Maru has some news to write home about. And since people love pizza in Toronto, when we hear there's an exciting new offering to try we will totally clean the restaurant out.

That's what's been happening to a new Toronto location of Korean pizza chain Pizza Maru, which just opened at the beginning of the month.

They've now been closing early due to selling out, overwhelmed by the response to the opening. They specialize in Korean-style fusion pizzas with puffy crusts, in styles like Korean bulgogi, "monster" pepperoni and "cheese bomb."

Pizza Maru soft opened in North York on June 28, and immediately sold out of the 200 pizzas they had prepared.

They had warned people ahead of time they'd close when pizzas ran out during their soft opening. They only had select items, were takeout only, with a maximum quantity of two per person, and there were no preorders.

This didn't stop them from selling out on the second day of their soft open on June 29 as well.

For their grand opening on July 1, they offered free size-ups, and they sold out that day too when their ingredients ran out.

Now, following their opening week, they're warning people that closing early due to limited stock is becoming a regular thing at Pizza Maru.

"We may close early since we run out of stock due to the high volume of orders," the restaurant wrote in a post on social media. "Sorry for the inconvenience in advance."

Every cool new restaurant gets its 15 minutes of fame, but if you hate lineups and disappointment, you might want to wait a week or two before hitting this place up...or at least go right when they open.

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