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New Toronto pizza joint so popular they had to close for a day after selling out

A new Toronto pizza joint that specializes in Caribbean flavours had such a successful opening weekend that they completely sold out and actually had to close on their second day.

Caribbean Slice is bringing oxtail, jerk chicken, jerk pepperoni, and even ackee and saltfish pizzas to the city, and claims to be the first to do so.

They opened on March 19, and their pizza was so popular that they ran out of inventory and needed to close on March 20.

"We have no more inventory and have to restock," reads the caption to a video posted to social media.

"We apologize and look forward to seeing you! We just want to take the time to say thank to everyone that came out and supported us. No words can describe what it means."

The restaurant served over 150 customers on their first day, with people waiting hours for food. Tons of people have commented on the video post saying how great the food is, and some people commented they came from far away places like Mississauga and even Brampton.

"I arrived and parked up for a half hour hoping the lineup would subside, but people just kept coming, which was great for the business," one person commented on Instagram.

"I eventually went inside and glad I did at that point. It was popping inside with orders being taken and food being prepared in the back, and people socializing inside and outside. It was a great and positive vibration."

People kept coming on Sunday, some still from far away.

"Sunday we had to close and it didn't feel good but we pride ourselves on quality," Caribbean Slice co-owner Rhodie Wright tells blogTO.

"We literally ran out of a lot of supply and our pizza dough needs a full day to prep and we couldn't because we were so busy with non-stop orders on the Saturday. It was a blessing to sell out and have so much support and felt amazing."

The influx of people that still poured in on Sunday were given coupons to make up for the store being closed.

"In order to prevent selling out again we bought more fridges and freezers to hold more food and we are currently going to be installing a walk-in freezer," says Wright.

Sounds like they're going to need it.

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