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Pret A Manger is finally opening its first Toronto location this summer

There's no doubt you're familiar with Pret A Manger if you've ever traveled in and around Europe — the popular cafe chain is a convenient, to-go option for coffee, sandwiches and baked goods that can be found almost everywhere you go throughout the continent. 

It was announced a few months ago that locations of Pret A Manger will be opening in Canada as well, a store just recently opening in Vancouver with Toronto coming up next on the list. 

While the exact GTA locations of the cafe are still unknown, it has recently been confirmed that Toronto's first Pret A Manger location will be open by the end of this summer. 

"We aim to have our Toronto shop open at the end of August," a Pret A Manger representative told Curiocity. 

Pret A Manger has opened its Vancouver store as part of a two-year pilot program which aims to familiarize Canadians with the UK-based brand and all it has to offer. If it's successful, A&W will have the exclusive right to expand the store all across Canada. 

Many people have taken to Twitter to express how hyped they are for the chain's grand opening in the country. 

It's especially exciting for Europeans living in Canada who have dearly missed the comfort of their beloved cafe, having a similar bond to what Canadians have with Tim Hortons. 

Which only begs the question: When will the first Tim Hortons open in Europe?

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