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Toronto just got a new spot for Japanese-style ice cream that's only available at night

There's a new kind of Japanese-inspired ice cream in Toronto, but you can't get it during the heat of the day.

Toronto's newest Japanese-style ice cream spot Daigyo right near Yonge and Sheppard has introduced a new series that's only available after 6 p.m. called Stories After Dark: Monogatari.

The desserts are inspired by the Japanese folklore of the wise nocturnal kitsune and neko, hence only being available after dark.

In honour of these creatures, the series consists of two ice cream desserts: the Shizuki Kitsune and the Hatsuki Neko. Daigyo started serving them at the beginning of the month.

The Hatsuki Neko is matcha soft serve, with dried peach flakes, black sugar crystal jelly, original flavour shiratama and a monaka (rice cracker) with a cat paw design.

The Shizuki Kitsune is a yuzu dragon fruit soft serve with crystal jelly, dragon fruit syrup, a sakura monaka and original, sesame and dragon fruit shiratama.

They both come in impressively designed cups depicting the different magical animals.

Daigyo also serves teas and coffees including ceremonial grade organic matcha from Shizuoka, alongside their matcha ice cream served in cups, cones and parfaits. Parfaits are $8.

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