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10 hot pot restaurants to try in Markham and Richmond Hill

Hot pot restaurants to try in Markham and Richmond Hill are plentiful, so it can be tough to know which ones to try. These are great places to start your journey of dipping every item imaginable into spicy boiling broth.

Here are hot pot restaurants to try in Markham and Richmond Hill.

Liuyishou Hot Pot

Head along Highway 7 East to find the Richmond Hill location of this hot pot restaurant with spots across North America. They're known for their house special premium beef oil and pork bone soup bases, and offer deluxed aged beef, sliced marbled beef and New Zealand lamb

Roadside Hot Pot

Feel like you've escaped to China at this Markham restaurant on Kennedy that's creatively decorated. Choose a slightly, medium or super spicy broth for boiling New Zealand lamb, Angus beef and dumplings for an AYCE hot pot meal.

GoGo Chicken Pot

This Bayview restaurant in Richmond Hill specializes in chicken pots in heat levels that range from original to extra hot, with other options like Korean cheese, curry crab and seafood chicken pots.

XiangZi Hot Pot

All-you-can-eat hot pot is available at this spacious restaurant on Highway 7 in Markham where you eat buffet-style. For under $40 you can feast to your heart's content, but maybe consider taking it easy with their ultra-spicy chilis.

Kungfu Hotpot Skewer

Make your way to Woodbine for skewers of lamb, beef, pork belly, spicy chicken heart and spicy frog legs. You can get chicken, tomato, mushroom and coconut soup bases.

Kim Tao Hot Pot

This Wilmot St. restaurant flies under the radar in Richmond Hill, but hot pot fans know it's been there forever as a reliable go-to for all-you-can-eat Hong-Kong-style hot pot.


Along Highway 7 in Richmond Hill lies a hot pot restaurant dealing in soup bases loaded up with hot and numbing spices. Trying the spicy numbing beef and spicy numbing pork ribs if you're a heat seeker looking for your next peppery hot pot experience.

Dahu Hotpot

Chongqing hot pot can be found in Richmond Hill on Highway 7 at this restaurant known for their rich soup bases, like traditional Chongqing-style spicy soup bases. It's all-you-can-eat, so you can feast on meats, seafood, veggies, meatballs and mushrooms.

Haidilao Markham

Dancing noodles and fried buns are some of the best at the Markham location of this hot pot chain, which is located on Highway 7. There are about a zillion options for creating your own dipping sauce, and you'll even spot robot servers here.

Side by Side

If you're looking for something different, try conveyor belt hot pot at this restaurant at Langham Square in Markham. A huge variety of soups and toppings drift by in bright green bowls.

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Hector Vasquez at Liuyishou Hot Pot

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10 hot pot restaurants to try in Markham and Richmond Hill

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