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Toronto restaurant ditches Uber Eats over sloppy deliveries

A Toronto restaurant owner is furious with Uber Eats and wants to abandon it after being continually frustrated with sloppy deliveries.

One delivery recently really got under Cici's Pizza owner Diana Huynh's skin.

She had even turned off the app previously but decided to give Uber Eats another chance, but regretted it when recently someone got a destroyed pizza delivered and blamed the restaurant instead of the delivery person, posting a photo of the messed up pizza.

Huynh made posts to the Cici's Instagram story about her frustrations, saying she even limited the menu to small and medium pizzas hoping there would be less of a chance of them slipping around, as people had complained about this same issue before.

"Wtf is this?" she posted with the photo of the damaged pizza, tagging Uber Eats. Huynh isn't totally sure if the person who posted the photo tried to reach out to Cici's before posting a bad review to Google.

cicis pizza toronto

Screenshot from Cici's Pizza's Instagram story.

"I did not reach out to Uber Eats because historically they've done nothing to rectify the issue, they've just actually said that they've already refunded the order to the customer or that we should just leave a bad review for the Uber Eats driver," Huynh tells blogTO.

"Sometimes they even just ignore the email. What they don't understand is how this might reflect poorly on the restaurant as well."

cicis pizza toronto

Cici's detailing their frustrations with Uber Eats.

She says the last time she used Uber Eats it was a disaster, with lots of pizzas not arriving intact.

She once had a large order that needed to be delivered but she kept having to turn away delivery people on bikes that couldn't manage the order.

"The day after I had received a 1-star google review and recognized the name of that first Uber Eats driver that I had to turn away. I was livid. I sent countless emails to Uber Eats, no one got back to me, I even threatened to get off their platform and they didn't get back to me," says Huynh.

"A week later, I finally got an email saying that my concerns had been addressed and the case [is] closed. I responded and said that no one had gotten back to me, no one has reprimanded this pickup person, my concerns were not addressed. I told them I had turned off my Uber Eats tablet for a week now and will never turn it back on."

cicis pizza toronto

Poll asking if Cici's should stop using Uber Eats.

She also finds Uber delivery people often act rudely by barging into the restaurant, cutting in line, interrupting people being served and ignoring capacity limits when restrictions were in place.

cicis pizza toronto

You can still order online from Cici's, but using the Ambassador platform.

Later on in the Cici's Instagram story she conducted a poll asking "should I get off Uber Eats again?" to which the answer was of course overwhelmingly yes, and directed people to order through local delivey system Ambassador instead.

"We want Uber Eats to be enjoyable for everyone. If a merchant or an eater has had a bad experience with a delivery person or a quality issue with their delivery, we encourage them to rate the delivery person through the Uber Eats app or reach out to our support team through the 'Help' section in the app," an Uber spokesperson tells blogTO.

"Ratings and feedback are important and the best way for us to document experiences. They help to uphold quality on the Uber Eats app."

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