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Toronto restaurant not taking big orders after being asked to make 72 onigiri in 25 minutes

Restaurants are typically happy to take larger orders in advance, but when a one-woman food stall was asked to make 72 onigiri in 25 minutes she had to advise that wasn't possible.

Omusubi Bar Suzume in Market 707 posted about the occurence on social media on May 4. The order had been placed that morning.

"We cook rice every hour, but not too much at one time," the post reads.

As soon as Omusubi Bar Suzume owner Rie Arai got the order, she immediately started cooking more rice and called up the person who placed the order to explain she'd need more time.

Arai tells blogTO that the person was "very understanding and said should have ordered in advance, but the person couldn't wait for that time we needed."

She cancelled the order and gave the person a refund, but because Ritual and Square apps aren't directly connected and they couldn't see the order cancelled right away, they didn't reorder anything else. She says she understands they were uncomfortable and that apps could be more efficient to ease people's minds.

"Other companies I use are more customizable, able to set up the max order per hour, how long it takes on each menu, etc.," says Arai. "I'm not sure if it's because I'm using Ritual through Square, but it should be more customizable. I'll put a note on each item, how long it takes, max order."

Ritual also still took fees from the business for the cancelled order. You can order through Omusubi's website to help avoid commission fees.

"I really don't like to say no to customers, but this was too many rice balls to make in too little time for me," says Arai.

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