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Super rare mangos being sold for almost $200 spotted at Toronto supermarket

$200 for mangos might sound outrageous, but the super rare produce recently spotted at a Toronto supermarket has been known to sell for thousands.

Miyazaki Kanjyuku mangos flown in by air selling for $168 for a box of three were recently seen at FreshWay in Markham, a Chinese supermarket on Hwy 7. 

The store regularly sells other delicacies like durian, duck tongue and live conch, and brings in other items by air like seafood such as live Alaskan king crab and Hokkaido sea urchin.

The person who posted about the mangos in a local home-cooking Facebook group also saw Peruvian Sun King Mangoes, Japanese Nagasaki Loquat and Chinese Kristal Smile Lychees at the store.

FreshWay was also selling individually boxed Miyazaki mangos for a whopping $68. The mangos are distinctive not only for their deep reddish orange colour, which earns some even pricier varieties of the fruit the nickname "Egg of the Sun" or Taiyo no Tamago, but also their packaging.

They typically come cradled in a pink cushioning in their own special little boxes. But their pricing is based on much more than pretty presentation.

These types of mangos are grown exclusively on the southern island of Kyushu in Miyazaki prefecture where growing conditions are ideal. The farming of these mangos began in Japan during the 80s when Irwin mangos arrived from Florida specifically because of the perfect climate.

They're supposed to be extra sweet and tasty due to strict growing conditions which ensure a 15 per cent sugar content. They're individually suspended to ensure maximum sunlight hits the skin of the mango before they naturally ripen and fall on their own into special nets.

Despite all this, a major reason these mangos can fetch prices of up to $5000 is because of the way they're purchased at auction for distributors like supermarkets.

Like rare pink pineapples, or luxury $25 oranges and $30 slices of melon before, are these special mangos something you'd seek out?

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Charles Yu

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