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People are questioning the patio seating policy at Toronto restaurant

Patio reservations in Toronto are in high demand, but some people are especially confused about the policies at one particular restaurant.

One person took to a local Facebook group to call out a bad experience they say they had at Toronto Beach Club near Ashbridges Bay and Woodbine Beach.

The person said they were turned away when trying to walk in and get a table on an empty patio, saying they were told it was available by reservation only.

Reservations for Toronto Beach Club are available on OpenTable, and you can actually only select "standard" or "bar" seating in advance.

Before you make your final booking confirmation, a note warns that "our patio is available on a first come first sat basis and our ability to serve you is contingent on weather."

As the person on Facebook says: "we called to make a reservation and they told us that the patio was first come first serve."

Toronto Beach Club tells blogTO that people who make reservations are able to request the patio, and that these seats are held for people who have reserved in advance, so it's possible there was some confusion over this policy.

"I walked into the restaurant while I was still on the phone with the person, and looked at her face to face," the Facebook post continues.

"At that point she told me that they assess patrons as they come in the door to determine if they're going to spend enough money. Knowing this, please disregard my question because I will never eat here."

Toronto Beach Club denies they "assess" people in any such way.

People are commenting on the post saying they've also had unsatisfactory experiences with the restaurant, and even around the restaurant.

"Security guard told us we could not sit in the grass area around the patio because it ruined the dining experience inside," commented one person. "Never laughed harder, hope this place fails."

Another person said they had a bad experience with their grand opening, saying their reservations were cancelled due to overbooking, then rebooked, and that they were supposed to receive a complimentary cocktail for their trouble but never did.

On the other hand, some are defending the restaurant, saying that hasn't been their experience there.

"We have nothing but good experiences with this restaurant. Just book ahead on OpenTable and all is well. Food is really good and we always find the service very good," someone wrote, with multiple people commenting to agree.

"It doesn't sound like them, I've had nothing but great experiences there," someone else commented. "I have trouble believing this," another person wrote.

Someone else called out the act of creating the post entirely.

"Trying to harm a business through posts like this hurts all of us: it hurts our businesses, it demeans our neighbourhood, it harms the staff who have no avenue to respond," they commented.

"If you like something, say it loud and say it proud. Everything else should be done in private."

They also pointed out that they are typically dressed casually and have not had a problem getting into the restaurant, which others also agreed with.

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