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Toronto burger joint born out of owner's memories of visiting Johnny's Hamburgers as a kid

Burger Drops is home to some of the best smash burgers in Toronto, inspired by the owner's visits with his father to Scarborough's classic Johnny's Hamburgers.

Greg Bourolias, chef and owner of Burger Drops in Liberty Village, uses traditional burger toppings - pickles, mayo, relish, American cheese - most of which are made in-house.

His goal is to create the ideal textural experience by having a balance of crunch, salt, acid and fat. 

Burger Drops takes pride in the idea of simple methods, but allows every ingredient to stand out and have its own voice. Their pickles, for example, are spicy and very acidic. Their mayo is slightly sweet. 

"For us, the restriction of just being able to decide 'can we do less and achieve more' with our ingredients is where it’s all rooted for us," Bourolias told blogTO. 

The final result is a perfectly balanced burger that is reminiscent of a burger Bourolias would eat at Johnny's Hamburgers - classic and nostalgic, like you're eating it in someone's backyard. 

You can find Burger Drops at 116 Atlantic Ave in Liberty Village.

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Hector Vasquez

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