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Celebrity chef forced to close restaurant over landlord issues opens new Toronto location

David Adjey, a celebrity chef who has appeared on the Food Network, has just opened a new restaurant after previously shutting down his last restaurant just months after opening.

Bouffe, which roughly translates to "food" in French, is a down-to-earth French restaurant that prepares traditional cuisine without the common fanciness and frills found in other French restaurants.

This new restaurant in Little Portugal is a small and cozy space that seats 40 people - which he hopes will make Bouffe stand out among other great French restaurants in the city.

After previously trying to operate a business in the Junction Triangle, Adjey finds that his new location at 1173 Dundas West is likely to get more traffic and ultimately be a success.

Expect to see classic French items like moules, steak frites and tartar in an environment that is reminiscent of home. Adjey wants his guests to feel like they're understood by what dishes he gives them, bringing the same level of comfort that you'd get from your mother.

"When you go home and your mom cooks for you, she wants to know how you feel, not necessarily what you want to eat. Moms cook with that sort of emotion - asking if you're happy, if you're sad, whether you need a celebratory meal or a comfort meal - and I want to have that same feeling come to my restaurant," explained Adjey to blogTO.

"I want to know how people feel. And if I can get a read on that, I can really deliver the food that people are craving."

Bouffe has soft opened, and is prepared for business to be in full swing by next week. They're already taking reservations.

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