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Toronto street prevented from having patios all summer due to construction

Businesses on a certain Toronto street have been voicing concerns about construction for a year now, and as summer approaches it's going to have them from preventing patios all season.

Wellington St. E. construction has cut businesses off from foot traffic completely, totally ripping up the entire area.

"Wellington Street construction has resumed again which is killing the businesses along Wellington between Church and Yonge," Brash and Sassy Vodka Bar owner Jasmine Daya tells blogTO.

"The construction is supposed to last until September 2022 which means that we cannot have patios as part of the CafeTO program."

Daya's business also dealt with its own separate problems, as it recently rebranded from Pravda Vodka Bar partially due to backlash in relation to the Russian war.

toronto construction

Wellington St. a couple weeks ago. Photo by Jasmine Daya.

"Pravda Vodka Bar was thrilled to be part of CafeTO during the summer of 2020 once restaurants and bars were permitted to reopen," says Daya.

"Unfortunately, the lockdown followed by Wellington St. construction prevented us from having a patio last summer. Once again, Wellington St. construction has resumed and again, [making] it impossible for us to have a patio."

She's depending on the summer months for her business to bounce back.

"Not having a patio when the warm weather first hits the city negatively impacts sales but what's making it worse for us is that the street is completely torn up on Wellington St. E. between Church and Yonge," says Daya.

"It looks like businesses are closed. Why would anyone want to walk down such a treacherous street in downtown Toronto when there are ample other venues available?"

toronto construction

Wellington St. right outside Brash and Sassy on May 26. Photo by Jasmine Daya.

An update from the City sent to Wellington stakeholders says that "unexpected development work by a private contractor at 49 Front Street, has caused delays for the road and sidewalk work at Front Street East and Church Street."

"Due to the delays, our contractor has provided a revised construction schedule for Front Street East and Wellington Street East. The revised schedule extends work by approximately one month on Front Street and three weeks on Wellington Street East."

The update continues to say that "work on Wellington Street is still on track to be completed by late August, however Café TO installations within the work area will be restricted until work is complete," and that "restaurants that have applied for Café TO permits on Front Street East and Wellington Street East are on hold until construction is completed."

Brash and Sassy has not been fully booked since restrictions eased, unlike restaurants and bars in other areas where there's been more of a "return to normal."

"There is a lot of choice and it makes it difficult for us to compete with no patio and unsightly and dangerous street conditions," says Daya.

Lead photo by

Jasmine Daya

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