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The great snacks embargo has ended and some people in Ontario are overjoyed

The resolution of a lengthy pricing dispute has people's favourite snacks back on grocery store shelves nationwide, and snackers are rejoicing all over the country, including here in Toronto.

That's right, the 2022 Chipocalypse has come to an end.

Loblaw Companies, which operates their eponymous grocery store chain along with others like No Frills and Shoppers Drug Mart, was embroiled in a feud with Frito-Lay Canada over product pricing, keeping party favourites like Doritos, Cheetos, and many other salty snacks ending in the "itos" suffix off of store shelves since mid-February.

But an agreement was reached this week, promising to end the snack embargo and bring these crunchy delights back to Loblaws stores by Easter weekend. The news has snack-lovers over the moon with joy, and some are already encountering Frito-Lay products back on store shelves earlier than expected.

Falling to one's knees is probably an over-the-top reaction to chips, but there seems to be a good amount of positive response to the pricing dispute coming to an end.

Some have been unable to find their favourite snacks for a long time, a shortage of salty, fatty goodness that has thankfully ended in time for the holiday weekend.

Not everyone is happy about the ultimate agreement, though, a few raising concerns about price increases amid a wave of inflation that is affecting all of our grocery bills. For instance, large bags of Lays chips that sold for as low as $2.48 before the feud are now priced at $3.99. Other products are now going for even steeper prices.

The genre of Canadian snack politics is clearly intriguing for some south of the border, with one taking the opportunity of a chip-related discussion to inquire about our country's signature flavour.

You may not be crazy about their inflated new prices, but these snacks are officially back in time for the warm weather and coming backyard get-togethers many have been patiently awaiting after a long winter.

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