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Secret Toronto sandwich shop sells out on first night of business

Toronto just got a new secret sandwich shop, and they sold out in a matter of hours on their first night.

Philly in the Six is the brainchild of Peter Scott, who was once involved with Roncesvalles bar Cider House.

It's intended to be an homage to 90-year-old Philly restaurant John's Roast Pork, with a few twists.

In addition to an original cheesesteak, he's also selling one with mac n' cheese, a breakfast version, and a "Toronto" version with twice the cheese sauce. Sandwiches with "the works" come with garlicky mushrooms, peppers, onions and a hot cherry pepper mayo.

All come on iconic Vienna sticks loaded with sesame seeds, and are priced at $9.95. The bread is sourced from a small bakery in Scarborough Scott won't reveal, and he makes his own cheese sauce using a blend of four cheeses.

"It melts into all the nooks and crannies of the shredded steak," Scott tells blogTO, describing the meat as "tender but also crusty."

While Philly in the Six is on delivery apps now, they weren't on any during their first weekend and they still sold out on their first night, in three hours.

"I didn't bet on how large sales would go with no delivery apps up and running, but not a bad number for no promotional push," says Scott.

This is now Scott's full-time gig after ending his work in another trade due to back problems, recently undergoing a procedure.

"This was an opportunity to get back in the kitchen," says Scott.

"I was in contracting, until I had a major back failure and couldn't walk for five months."

Eventually, he was finally able to use a walker to get around and things seemed to be improving for Scott until lockdowns hit and dealing with his back problems became even more difficult.

"I recently left contracting for this adventure and said goodbye to the trades," says Scott. "I enjoyed the trades but it was hard on my back due to a fall 10 years back from a 27-foot ladder."

Philly in the Six is just starting up a three-month run at The Mutt, and is open every day from 5 p.m. til late, or until they sell out. You can dine in at the bar every night except Tuesday, when it's closed.

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