Descendant Pizza

The secret to this award-winning Toronto pizza is its two-day fermented dough

Descendant Pizza is Toronto's original Detroit-style pizza that puts special care into every step of their pizza-making process - from dough fermentation, to specialized toppings. 

Detroit-style pizza is deep-dish pizza baked in a rectangular pan, defined by the luscious cheese caramelization on its corners and crust.

The cheese is spread up to the very top of the pan, and slowly sinks down and crisps up towards the edges of the pizza throughout the baking process. 

The sauce, instead of being put at the base, is delicately placed on top of the cheese in little bundles once the pizza has finished baking.

This adds a really unique and pretty aesthetic to the pizza once it's ready to serve. 

Ike Tzakis is co-owner of Descendant pizza that oversees almost all of the operation. He grew up in the restaurant industry - one of his earliest memories is shaping dough at his parent's pizzeria in Boston.

He has learned to make several types of dough, from Neopolitan to New York-style, and showed blogTO his special two-day fermented dough they use to make the pizza.

Descendant Pizza offers a variety of toppings too, like Jamaican jerk, mango chutney and truffle aioli, which pulls the restaurant deeper into its multicultural, Toronto identity. 

Descendant Pizza is at 1168 Queen St. E. in Leslieville.

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