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Conservative politician having meet and greet at Toronto brewery and people are upset

A Toronto brewery has been chosen as the venue for a conservative politician's meet and greet and people are unhappy with the local beer producer, even calling for a boycott.

Pierre Poilievre is having an April 19 meet and greet at Steam Whistle Roundhouse, and people are swearing off their suds as a result.

Poilievre is a member of the Conservative Party, and has been a member of parliament since 2004. He's trying to take steps towards being elected Prime Minister, and has openly supported "freedom convoy" efforts.

Steam Whistle's Roundhouse is a venue that's part of the brand's massive craft brewery in downtown Toronto on Bremner Blvd., situated in a historic railway roundhouse.

One person said the name "Steam Whistle" would dovetail perfectly with Poilievre's "dog whistle" tactics.

Another person said though they enjoyed the beer, they were unhappy with the hosting decision.

They weren't the only person expressing disappointment.

Others said that Steam Whistle should be concerned by the type of crowd this event might draw.

Since Poilievre was a convoy supporter, many people who might attend the event likely share similar views.

Many others are saying they won't be supporting Steam Whistle by buying their beer any longer.

Someone did point out that Steam Whistle is merely the venue and isn't necessarily sponsoring the event, but obviously there are lots of people out there who aren't having it and are upset with them by association.

Steam Whistle told blogTO they received the event booking on April 13.

"Steam Whistle is in no way affiliated with Pierre Poilievre, does not endorse his political views, nor did the brewery sponsor the event. The candidate submitted an inquiry and went through the traditional booking process as any other paid client would for an event booking, whether it be a wedding, corporate event or private gathering," they told blogTO in a statement.

"Over our 22-year history, a number of different political candidates/parties from all three branches of the Canadian government have rented our community event space(s). We do not choose our clients; rather, they choose our venue for its amenities, size and location. We have upcoming bookings for various political parties."

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