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Toronto restaurant targeted after saying they'll continue to check vax passes

Some Toronto business have announced they're going to continue to check vax passes now that the mandate has been dropped as of Mar. 1, one in particular targeted by overwhelmingly negative feedback.

When Latin American restaurant Pomarosa posted on social media announcing their decision to continue checking vax passes, a "freedom" group caught wind of the post and decided to spread it.

"Boycott indefinitely," reads text overlaid on top of a screenshot of the comments on their post, which was apparently posted by a "freedom" group with over 67,000 followers. "These are science deniers...just segregationists."

In a screenshot Pomarosa revealed that the Instagram story post they had been tagged in with the boycotting message was from an Instagram account called @poc4freedomconvoy.

Scrolling through comments on the announcement, more and more negative feedback surfaces, along the lines of, "How does a [vax] passport keep customers safe?" and "Why deny science and continue to marginalize 10% of Canadians?"

There are much uglier comments as well, including ones saying they won't be coming back or will "boycott" the business. Fortunately, people who actually patronize the business have rushed to their defence.

"Those that are commenting with hate have been reported to Instagram and for the most part don't even live in toronto so why they are commenting is beyond me," one person commented in support of Pomarosa.

Many others pointed out that people in disagreement with the policy have lots of coffee shops they can go to that don't require proof of vax.

vaccine passport ontario

Pomarosa's Instagram story showing the post they were tagged in. 

The restaurant has also reposted some responses in their Instagram stories.

"So many comments from anti-vaxxers," reads one Instagram story post. "Calling them segregators and 'anti-science.' It's always 'pro-choice' until it's a decision that doesn't benefit you."

vaccine passport ontario

Screenshot from Pomarosa's Instagram story.

"They deserve some love + troll reporting in the comments today," read another story repost.

Pomarosa wrote over top of the post, "All my love to our small communtiy of real people understanding and supporting our decision."

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Hector Vasquez

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