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Opening of new Toronto bakery draws lineups around the block

A Toronto bakery that's made a name for itself with its "very Asian" flavours just opened their second location, and it might be even more popular than the last with lineups forming around the block for the opening.

LA LA Bakeshop already has an Annex location, but just recently opened up in Scarborough.

The bakery specializes in Asian influences, and spoke out about how proud they are to do so after many people wandered in and then right back out realizing they weren't a "normal" bakery.

It seems like a ton of people have a taste for pork floss and durian based on the long lines that formed outside the bakery's new location over the past weekend.

"People started lining up 45 minutes before we opened at 12 p.m., but we noticed people were camping out in their car in the morning to stay warm and leaped out to claim their spot once people started actually forming a queue," LA LA co-founder Brian Tran tells blogTO.

Tran saw lines that were about 40-people long and spanned the width of the plaza block where they're located, and says people told him the lines also grew in length at points throughout the day. 

They ran out of most things each day by 3 p.m., and would have to close briefly to replenish their stores, resulting in unexpected closures of about an hour at a time. LA LA eventually sold out of everything.

"It was hard to turn away people but we had nothing left to sell," says Tran.

Even so, about 250 people were served on both days. They actually thought Sunday might've been a bit calmer, but that wasn't the case.

Their most popular items were their banh mi croissants, durian mini cakes and roll cakes in salted egg and seaweed flavours.

"When we opened our first store in the Annex last summer, we knew our Asian-style of baked goods would appeal to a lot of Torontonians, but we had no idea that people would actually line up to get our products," says Tran.

"We're proud to be a part of Toronto's intense food scene."

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