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Toronto cafe closes for indoor dining after repeated customer abuse

While many businesses across the city are reopening for dine-in service this month, at least one has decided that it will remain take-out only for the time being due to the actions of a few abusive customers.

Black Dog Cafe in the Upper Beaches recently announced they'll be closing their dine-in offerings for the time being as a way to protect employees from further abuse.

According to their team, a number of customers threatened staff over "discrimination" and generally acted aggressive upon being asked to show proof of vaccination or continue wearing a mask.

While most people understand that a privately owned business is free to require that customers are vaccinated, masked, wearing a shirt, or following any other health and safety-related guidelines they so choose, it seems there are still a few left who think everyone should cater to them.

"The decision to close dine-in was very easy, especially when I have staff members telling me that they had people yelling at them, telling them it's illegal and discrimination... Protecting staff comes first and they shouldn't be treated in that manner," Black Dog Cafe owner Paul told blogTO.

"It's unfortunate but at the same time, the community came out over the weekend and showed their support and we couldn't be more thankful for that. Maybe we'll revisit dine-in again over the coming weeks, but for now we'll stay take-out only."

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