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Toronto restaurant that turned into a general store has permanently closed

A Toronto restaurant that opened just a few years ago and pivoted to becoming a sort of general store and pantry has now announced it has permanently closed.

City Betty opened in 2018, and when lockdowns hit, pivoted to become Betty's General.

The restaurant served up seasonal fine-dining fare and brunch accompanied by zodiac-themed cocktails.

As Betty's General, they offered prepared foods, snacks, salads, cake, indie natural wine and craft beer, and did menus based around themes like Seinfeld.

Now, they've shut down altogether, announcing on social media "we just couldn't go on under the circumstances."

"I am so grateful to all who were part of The City Betty dream / Betty's General pivot," the closing announcement reads.

"I appreciated the efforts, edge and love put into every aspect, even under insurmountable duress. I will miss Her, the staff, our peeps…really everything, but am so happy to have had this amazing restaurant / weird ass shop / sometimes a deli / maybe a nightclub / creative experience w the best souls around."

The post goes on to say you can get in touch with Betty's baker Zoe Smith for cakes, and Cameron Carr for service.

"It's heartbreaking, but no big mystery," Betty's owner Amanda Gatien tells blogTO. "Another 'C19' casualty. It was a sweet run with some of the best creative minds around. Truly blessed, but will miss Betty terribly."

She hopes to go on to work on a lifestyle website.

"Think Goop with a lot more edge, more gag-worthy, less pretentious and always curating the best content with a ton of concerning humour, vintage clothes, non-alcoholic offerings, sexy toys, cake, all things super fun and pleasurable, OTT," says Gatien.

"Same 'good vibes only' as City Betty/Betty's General, fun, cheeky, sex-positive and welcome to all, all, all."

Betty's half-pound "cult brownies" should still be available in the future at Wandering Bean and hopefully other places.

The last day open for Betty's General was March 13.

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Hector Vasquez

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