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Toronto is getting a maid cafe just like the ones they have in Japan

Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe closed a while back leaving the city without a Japanese maid-style cafe.

Well, that's about to change as Oishiii Sweets has announced they'll be transforming into a Sailor Moon-themed maid cafe, with its staff dressed as some of the characters from the popular anime.

If you're unaware of what a maid cafe is, it's a category of cosplay where waitresses of restaurants dress in maid costumes and act as servants while treating customers as masters.

These types of restaurants are widely popular in Japan.

In Toronto, the soon-to-open cafe will be serving up Japanese-inspired treats and warm drinks while waitresses dressed as maids serve customers.

Each table will have an hour of personal "maid service" with their designated maid hosting games, teaching spells and partaking in various other performances and entertainment.

You'll be able to get a Polaroid picture taken with your friends plus the cafe will have Sailor Moon merch available for purchase if you feel like you need a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Just like afternoon tea, there are etiquette rules when it comes to visiting a Japanese maid cafe.

It's encouraged that you ask your maid to feed you your first bite of food and to pat your head or hold your hand.

There are also stricter rules regarding treating the maids. The cafe asks that you don't touch the maids nor ask for their personal information.

Disrespectful behaviour won't be tolerated.

If this event sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to grab some tickets and mark your calendars for the one day pop-up on Mar. 13.

There are several seating times from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The pop-up will be located at Oishiii Sweets at 3376 Kennedy Road.

Lead photo by

Jesse Milns from Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe

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