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Dairy Queen in Ontario apologizes after sign was posted supporting convoy

A Dairy Queen restaurant in Listowel, ON was spotted posting signage reading "thank you convoy" over the weekend.

A photo of the sign circulated on social media with thousands of comments and reaction. Dairy Queen has replied to saying the signage has now been removed.

"Thank you for contacting us. We contacted the independent franchise owner at this location and we are told the message has been removed," their reply reads. "Know that we discourage non-business related messages at DQ restaurants."

"Thank you for your quick response," someone else replied to DQ. 

"Had you not I never would have bought another Dairy Queen ice cream again - in spite of it being the best ice cream ever. I hope that manager has been removed."

While one person appreciated the reply, other people were so upset by the image they wanted to boycott Dairy Queen. 

Some people were also critical of Dairy Queen's response, calling it "wishy washy."

"'Know that we discourage non-business related messages at DQ restaurants' is a really weak response," said one person.

One person actually said the copy-and-paste response was even worse than the sign.

Other people are saying they'd just rather not support the specific franchisee location rather than boycott the whole chain.

Of course, there are also those on the side of the convoy who now want to support Dairy Queen and the location.

It's not the first time an Ontario franchisee has used their corporate sign to support the convoy: a Home Hardware in Strathroy was also spotted with a sign reading "we support the truckers, end the mandates."

A local shop in Toronto was also recently subjected to backlash after they posted a similar sign in support of the convoy.

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