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You can now get massive torched marshmallows in Toronto

Torched marshmallows are a favourite around this time of year, but haven't you ever wished you could get one somewhere in Toronto without having to build a fire?

Enter Scooped by Demetres and their creation of a torched marshmallow on a stick. They're only available for a limited time, so if you're a marshmallow maniac, you'll have to try one soon.

They're calling them "Torched Snow Blocks" because they're in cube shapes like blocks of snow.

Though they look like they're just marshmallows on the outside, they're much more: each snow block contains a centre of artisanal ice cream. Their website calls them an "artisanal ice cream version of s'mores."

"The combination of warm toasty marshmallow and cool ice cream is surprising and delicious," a Scooped by Demtres spokesperson tells blogTO.

Each order comes with two "blocks" with different flavours: one is "It's Chocolate. It's Hazelnut." and the other is "Cookie Butter." An order of two snow blocks costs $8.85.

The "It's Chocolate. It's Hazelnut." has a cube of chocolate hazelnut ice cream in the centre tossed in crunchy milk chocolate hazelnut waferettes and covered with toasted marshmallow that's torched to order.

The Cookie Butter snow block is the same but with cookie butter ice cream and chocolate cookie butter waferettes.

"Kids and adults alike are delighted to watch our Artisans hand-torch each marshmallow," says the Scooped spokesperson.

"We've had trouble keeping up with the demand as these are all handmade."

Scooped has locations in both CityPlace and Distillery District, but the snow blocks are only available at their Distillery District location.

You can still grab ice cream in flavours like blueberry lemon curd, lavender, muscat grape and roasted white chocolate from both locations.

The snow blocks were first introduced on Nov. 18, and are available in the Distillery District until early January.

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