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Donut chain is now baking the nostalgic muffins loved by Toronto kids in the 1980s

Though a certain nostalgic muffin brand disappeared from the Toronto food court scene, it's now back at a donut chain.

Looks like the next step for Mmmuffins in this city is appearing at Country Style locations.

Mmmuffins were popular in the 1980s and 1990s, known for their distinctive lowercase logo and big fluffy muffin tops.

On Nov. 22, posts suddenly appeared on Country Style's social media advertising they would now be serving "premium" Mmmuffins. The posts advertise three new flavours: butterscotch pecan, cheddar cheese, and oatmeal cranberry date.

The posts also put out a call asking which flavour people were looking forward to trying. On Instagram, most people said they were into cheddar, one person saying oatmeal cran date sounded good, another person chiming in they should bring back their classic chocolate chip.

More people on Facebook are liking the butterscotch pecan, though there are votes for the oatmeal cran date and cheddar cheese as well. People on Twitter are also expressing their love for butterscotch peacan.

At least the Mmmuffins that have been around since 1979 are still being served by a reputable Canadian brand: Country Style has been open since 1963.

There aren't a ton of Country Style locations clustered in downtown Toronto, more of them located in the outskirts of the city, but there are locations in the Manulife Centre, at Dupont and Spadina, and in Riverside.

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