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Toronto's iconic Tiny Tom Donuts are now the special ingredient in a new beer

No one's quite sure what Toronto culture is exactly, but whatever it is it certainly involved eating Tiny Tom Donuts at the CNE and sipping on local craft beers.

That's why many people have been thrilled to learn that Indie Alehouse and Tiny Tom Donut have begun collaborating on a new beer brewed with 12,000 servings of the iconic donuts.

The trendy pastry stout brew has a goal of being as rich and decadent as possible, combining the flavour of thousands of donuts with the sweet, chocolatey, roasted malt flavours of a stout. It's also expected to be quite potent, coming out at around 12 per cent ABV.

Previously, Indie Alehouse had made a number of other popular pastry stouts including a panettone stout that was sold at the Eataly Toronto location and teaming up with Double Dutch Stroopwafels to make a Stroopwafel Pastry Stout that ended up winning a trophy at the World Beer Awards.

With that kind of success in the books, teaming up with an iconic Toronto brand to follow up the pastry stout success was an obvious choice.

"When we received that award we knew we had to do make some other Pastry stouts this year, so our brewing team put our heads together and we thought of contacting Tiny Tom to make a donut stout," Jeff Broeders, Head Brewer of Indie Alehouse told blogTO.

"So I reached out and had a meeting with Derek and Melanie Brazier of Tiny Tom and settled on a plan to use as much donuts as we can fit into a beer!"

Currently, the beer is expected to release in mid-December, just in time for the annual Stout Night festival that Indie Alehouse hosts on December 20.

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