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McDonald's that's been around since 1978 has closed in Toronto

A Toronto McDonald's that's been open for over 40 years has now permanently closed.

The iconic location at Dufferin and Dupont next to the equally nostalgic Galleria mall is now no more. The lights are off and the doors are closed, caution tape wrapped around the building and a notice posted on the door.

It says "permanently closed" and "we would like to thank the community for your support over the last 43 years," signed, "yours sincerely, Team Dupont." The location was known for its late hours and drive-thru, and the conveniently located bus stop right outside.

"The McDonald's on the site has closed effective last week as part of the ongoing construction work on the new eight-acre Wallace Emerson Park at our community, Galleria on the Park," Dror Duchovny, VP of marketing and asset management at ELAD Canada, tells blogTO.

"While we're sad to see the McDonald's go, we look forward to bringing more open green space, and vibrant dining, retail and grocery options that will create a new destination in the city right at Dufferin and Dupont."

Someone posted photos of the closed McDonald's to Facebook, with many community members lamenting the closure, lots of people saying they worked there and someone calling it the end of an era.

Recently a neon sign installation right next to the McDonald's was also removed for the same reason of construction work on Galleria on the Park. While it wasn't around for nearly as long, it had become another quirky feature of the intersection.

Unfortunately this location was also the one where a heated interaction broke out between staff and an older woman over vaccine passports.

Hopefully past patrons of the restaurant mostly remember happier times now that this particular location of McDonald's is history.

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