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The 10 most Instaworthy desserts in Toronto right now

Instaworthy desserts in Toronto sometimes don't even look like sweets at all: the culinary masterminds of this city know how to make simple ingredients look spectacular. Optical illusions and incredible decorating skills set this viral creations apart.

Here are Instaworthy desserts in Toronto right now.

Enigma Restaurant

One of the desserts at this fine dining restaurant near Bay and Bloor looks like an actual tree with beautiful, shiny red fruit resting in its branches. Taking a photo is irresistible. 

The Social Blend

The Korean-style macarons from this coffee shop near Yonge and Eglinton are so cute, hardly anyone can resist snapping a pic before diving into a box full of colour and whimsy.

Aloette Liberty Village

This upscale diner with locations near Queen and Spadina as well as Liberty Village may be known for its burger, but it's their lemon pie with perfectly piped puffy meringue on top that steals the show.


These crunchy, fluffy and sweet peanut butter pies that have absolutely blown up are now available at lots of retailers, along with Il Covo, the Little Italy restaurant owned by their creator. They now come in flavours like chocolate, Smucker Nutter, blueberry PB&J and the original caramel.

Louix Louis

The 13-layer King's Cake at this luxurious restaurant inside a Financial District hotel will not only have you eating like royalty, it'll also get you celebrity-level numbers of likes on social media.

Yi Fang

This Chinatown bubble tea place has been making mini egg cakes that look just like tiny bubble tea cups complete with straw, and they're so freaking adorable that the internet has been going wild over them.

Nava Social

Aesthetics and flavour are equally prized at this coffee shop with locations on both King East and West. Their mini banana cake with expertly piped pink frosting is too cute not to post.


Scarborough's Japanese bread maker is coming out with a fruit sando available on weekends only, which fills their milk bread with fresh blueberry jam, chilled whipped cream and fresh fruit. It's also glazed with rock sugar.


The Scarborough bubble tea cafe that brought us towel cakes is back with another illusion: ramen pudding. The broth is milk tea, the noodles are egg pudding, and a candy egg on top brings it all together.

Yu Seafood Yorkdale

Dim sum restaurants are known for intricate desserts, and this place in Yorkdale is no different: they have one dessert with mango milk pudding that comes in an eggshell and tiny birds in an actual cage.

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The 10 most Instaworthy desserts in Toronto right now

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