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One of Toronto's most popular caterers is opening their first takeout restaurant

Toronto has lots of popular caterers, but now one of the best is branching out with a new plan to open takeout kiosk restaurants.

A big part of catering for Elle Cuisine has been serving offices. When workers vacated them during lockdowns, Elle lost contracts and had to change their game plan.

Now, after launching an official e-commerce site for their food delivery, Elle Cuisine is making the return to offices part of a fresh start.

"We had solid contracts acting as the food and beverage partner to tech companies downtown," Elle Cuisine owner and executive chef Lauren Mozer tells blogTO.

"While we do not expect things to go back to what they were, we do expect employee office food culture to evolve into something new."

They're now soft launching their first breakfast and lunch kiosk concept in the new CIBC Square building. It's designed for tenants of the building, but also anyone who might be passing through, and offerings are fresh, approachable and healthy.

"We expect to see a shift back to the office. If not full time, flex work schedules will still bring professionals back to work," says Mozer.

"We have plans to position ourselves as a leader in the office catering space. We'd like to partner with small and big companies, offering full service office catering and beverage programs. This, for us, is a first step."

The menu emphasizes quality ingredients and making things from scratch. All day breakfast includes avocado toast ($7.50) and tropical chia pudding ($6.50).

There will also be a range of high end salad bowls and pressed sandwiches on the menu. Snacks include options like charcuterie, dips, trail mix and "power balls."

As for drinks, there's coffee, tea, superfood smoothies and cold beverages that include options like fresh squeezed juices as well as iced peach tea and iced strawberry lemonade ($4.50).

Elle Cuisine has a long term plan to open more fast casual physical locations across Toronto and beyond.

"We believe that fast casual is the future of food, and we are excited to test the waters with this simple concept," says Mozer.

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