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Toronto restaurant fires back at bad review from person who insisted on sitting inside

When a person who insisted on sitting inside at a Toronto restaurant wrote a bad review with tons of complaints, management couldn't help but address it on social media.

Easton's just opened recently, but it didn't take long for them to feel the sting of a nasty online opinion.

The restaurant posted the two-star review (better than one, I guess?) dated Aug. 21 to their social media.

The review calls the restaurant a "white box" with "no kitchen" where they were served "the worst $15 cocktail I've ever had" that tasted "like stale dishwater" as well as "low quality deli meat with grocery store crackers," AKA the charcuterie board.

They said they also tried the oysters, watermelon salad, tuna and octopus, which they were "pleasantly surprised by," but ultimately complained "it was a pricey meal overall."

Easton's captioned the screenshot of the review with a "mild rant" in response, clarifying that they have chosen not to serve people inside because of COVID and have not put the finishing touches on their interior.

"This guest insisted on sitting inside as she couldn't handle the heat out side, we begrudgingly agreed," reads the caption.

"I spent my entire winter painting, tiling, and designing. I appreciate that people may have a bad experience at restaurants, but this is just mean-spirited and during a time where our industry is struggling to survive. To come in and see the look on my bartender's face after she read this review about her cocktail was heartbreaking."

Easton's owner and executive chef Roger Murchie designed the restaurant to be less traditional with more of a light tapas-style eating format.

"It was mostly how vicious the review was that made me upset. Cass works incredibly hard and poured her heart and passion into our cocktail menu," Murchie tells blogTO.

"I understand that not every restaurant is for everyone," Easton's director of operations Cass Jodoin tells blogTO.

"It feels like since the pandemic more and more people are struggling, not just business, and the haters of the world are taking advantage of that. I think it's important that they don't get away with unnecessary rudeness."

All winter Easton's had to deal with writing cheques without bringing in any revenue, laying off and bringing back staff members multiple times. They used savings to buy their small space, sourced inexpensive, thrifted decor and paid industry friends to demo, paint, tile and upholster.

"I believe that people have the right to their opinions," says Murchie. "But I think that review was just mean-spirited."

"I plan on being mature and respectful with any other negative comment that may come our way," says Jodoin.

"Lead by example on how things should be said, and handled. But we will not be torn down. We will stay strong, work hard and passionately for those who do enjoy our restaurant."

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Fareen Karim

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