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How pudding that looks like ramen became Toronto's newest food craving

It's no secret that Toronto loves a good aesthetic when it comes to food so it should be no surprise then that Kurimi, a pop-up operating alongside PannTea at 5651 Steeles Ave E has been catching people's attention with their ramen pudding.

Ramen pudding as a concept is one that has been exceedingly popular across Asia, and now has finally made its way to Toronto where people are excited to not only try the disguised dessert, but to share its unique look across social media.

"The idea originated from Taiwan and further improved by us. We know Canada is huge fan of ramen and we [were] looking for ways to make this small and delicate dessert as realistic as possible," Kurimi founder Cheuk Wa Yip told blogTO.

The pudding itself contains three different layers, a gummy fried egg with a chewy texture, the soft ramen pudding that is just firm enough to be picked up with chopsticks, and finally a milk tea in place of the liquid broth normally found in traditional ramen.

Currently two flavours are available (both $8), an egg pudding flavour with crème brulee milk tea or a mango pudding flavour with mango milk tea.

The demand for these adorable ramen desserts has been through the roof, selling over 200 cups within the last three weeks, far exceeding the company's capacity to make more due to their current hand-crafting method which limits them to only 20 per day.

Due to the success, the Kurimi team expects more production and more new flavours to be on the way including Strawberry, durian crème brulee, taro crème brulee, chocolate crème brulee, milk pudding, and double boiled milk pudding.

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