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Beloved restaurant that closed in Toronto is having a huge liquidation sale

A popular Toronto restaurant that just announced its permanent closure is now have a liquidation sale of all its contents.

Daddyo's Pasta has been serving comfort food to University of Toronto students for 15 years, but announced recently that they'd have to close as the chef and partner at the restaurant quit and they were unable to find a replacement.

Now, the owner is selling everything in the store.

There are lots of furniture pieces, restaurant equipment, pantry items and food service basics up for grabs, and dealers are welcome. You can get your hands on microwaves, an antique Pepsi machine, pots and pans, work tables, utensils and even memorabilia from the walls.

There are great deals to be had, with prices like $5 for chairs and $20 for tables. There will also be free pop while it lasts during the sale, but food will not be available.

"I've even got a ladder!" Daddyo's owner Jeffrey Markus exclaims in a video he posted to Instagram announcing the sale.

The sale will also serve as a chance for loyal customers to say goodbye to Daddyo's, with both Markus and his wife present.

"Everybody was bemoaning the fact that they haven't said goodbye," Markus says in his video. "I got so many phone messages, so much support, thank you very much, I've got emails."

The sale will be happening at Daddyo's this Saturday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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