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Egg cakes are giving naughty waffles a run as Toronto's newest social media sensation

Egg cakes that were just recently introduced to a Toronto cafe's menu are creating a social media stir, and they're so darn cute. They might just give a run to penis waffles as the city's newest social media sensation.

Yi Fang has introduced a collection of egg cakes to its menu, bite-sized treats that are stamped into the shape of a teeny bubble tea cup, complete with straw.

They come in six flavours: original, custard, cheese, pearl milk tea, taro and red bean.

Egg cakes are a popular snack in Taiwan. Yi Fang's are made using eggs, flour, and sugar, and are baked over an open flame in their specially shaped cake tray.

Of course, an order comes with five pieces so you have to keep coming back for more to try all the kinds. Original and custard cakes are priced at $4.99 for five, the other flavours priced at $5.99 for five.

They're only sold at Yi Fang's downtown, North York, Sheppard and Kennedy, Woodside Mall and Hamilton locations in Ontario.

Yi Fang is known for their Taiwan-style fruit tea, and also has locations in BC, Montreal and Alberta.

The new fluffy egg cakes are garnering attention not only for their adorable size and shape, but also the way they steam and stretch when pulled apart.

They're made fresh to order which assures they'll be Insta-worthy the moment you receive them, but also means they can take about 15 minutes to make.

Yi Fang is also currently doing a sugar cane drink series with options like jade tea and kumquat or passion fruit green tea. They've also done floats with ice cream.

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