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Toronto restaurant started by laid-off chefs has permanently closed

Much like a summer fling, some beloved romances aren't meant to last forever. At least, that was the case with Don Chingón, a Toronto restaurant that opened in May before closing down this month despite plenty of love.

Originally started by three chefs who were laid off during lockdown, Don Chingón quickly became a go-to place for lovers of Mexican food and bold new flavours.  Despite the early success, the restaurant decided to close its doors due to a number of factors.

With patio and indoor dining recently opening up around the city, restaurants that focused on takeout have noticed a drop in sales and Don Chingón was no different.

Between the slowing down sales numbers, personal issues, and the opportunity to take on new challenges, the team decided that they had a good run but it was time to move on to what's next.

After their temporary restaurant's success, it hasn't taken long for the offers to start coming in, with Don Chingón's Aaron Okada now working at the newly opened Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Okada says he will absolutely be bringing some inspiration from Don Chingón to the new location. 

"I think part of the reason I got in here was Don Chingón, they saw the articles and my business," Okada told blogTO.

"We have a menu but will definitely be working on new dishes with flavours from Don Chingón."

Some things aren't meant to last forever, and very often that includes the tough world of restaurants.

However, it's always wonderful to see the talents of the hardworking chefs who brought so much great food to the city getting to continue doing what they love elsewhere.

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