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Toronto restaurant famous for its fried chicken just closed almost all of their locations

Renegade Chicken, a brand that's famous for their Nashville-hot chicken, has just closed all of its ghost kitchen operations at Jack Astor's. 

Since late 2020, the fried chicken chain has been testing out a ghost kitchen concept in certain Jack Astor's and Dukes Refresher & Bar locations — running as its own brand through food delivery apps. 

"As of June 1, 2021 Renegade Chicken will no longer be offered through the Jack Astor's kitchens," reads a press release from SIR Royalty Income Fund. 

They're keeping the Duke's St. Lawrence Market pop-up, though.

The press release says that Renegade Chicken's ghost kitchens were originally created to increase sales volumes with SIR Corp being severely affected financially during the pandemic. 

"Further, as restrictions over patios and in restaurant dining are reduced in the near future, it is not believed that Renegade and Jack Astor's can operate out of the same kitchen without having a negative effect on the Jack Astor's guest experience, which is critical to the long-term success of SIR and the Fund."

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