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Toronto bakery is now making croissants bigger than your head

For those who say they limit themselves to only one baked good per day, there's a new creative way around that promise.

Geste Croissanterie on Dundas West has started offering croissants that are big enough to fill you up and then some.

Measuring at about 10 inches wide and 350g, the custom made XXL croissants have become a must try for those who want both quality and quantity.

Best part is these jumbo croissants can be customized with any flavours desired! Though according to owner and chef Virgyl Fernandes, ordering more complex ingredients that they don't have on hand could delay the process.

Geste Croissanterie requires at least a one day advance order for these XXL croissants, moving up to two days if they need to source specific ingredients for a more complex order.

The croissants start at $40, and are full of the same flavours that Geste has come to be known for.

While we may still be a few weeks away from Toronto's favourite pasttime of lining up for Insta-worthy ice cream, these croissants might just fill that gap.

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Geste Croissanterie

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