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Toronto bakery has emotional farewell after forced to close after 37 years

After the location they called home for over 30 years was sold to developers who plan to turn the lot into townhouses, Toronto's Agincourt Bakery was forced to close last month.

The beloved hotspot was a local favourite for everything from baked goods, to sandwiches and ready to eat meals. Their meatball and veal sandwiches, lasagna and cannoli regularly topped best of lists across the city.

Now, losing their longtime Agincourt home, the Romagnuolo family has begun a search for a new location to continue delivering the quality food their neighbourhood has grown to love.

According to owner Rocco Romagnuolo, they're currently limiting their search to within 5 km of the old location, doing their best to stay within the area and the community that has supported the family-run operation for multiple generations.

"This whole week I've just been looking at locations," Romagnuolo told blogTO. "I'm just using every ounce of energy to find a new one."

Having officially closed down at the end of April, the final days were emotional for both the bakery's staff and their loyal customers.

"A lot of the comments I got from people coming into the store [said] their father or grandfather...took them here, or there was some sort of history that ties them to this store. It was a piece of them," said Romagnuolo.

"Everybody said it doesn't matter where you go, I will follow. So that gave us a lot of encouragement." 

While there's no official update yet on a new location, Romagnuolo says that when they do return, everyone can expect some major upgrades.

The Agincourt Bakery team wants to expand sandwiches and offer more prepared foods, both fresh and frozen. They're looking for a facility that can accomodate all that.

Though it could still be a while until the city opens up again, there's little doubt that once Agincourt Bakery does return, there will be an endless stream of people eager to welcome them back.

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