Agincourt Bakery

Beloved Toronto bakery is being forced to close after location sold to developers

Toronto's beloved Agincourt Bakery will soon be no more. The bakery has been informed they'll be forced to close the location they've called home for over 30 years as its plaza gets rezoned into townhouses.

The good news is there's still time to enjoy their famous meatball and veal sandwiches, cannoli and other pastries as they expect to remain at the current Pharmacy Avenue location until at least the summer.

Owner Rocco Romagnuolo also told blogTO that his team has begun searching for a new location for the bakery.

"We have an agent looking aggressively in the area, my instruction to him was to stay within 5km," explained Romagnuolo. "He’s looking and trying to find a space for us that would match something that we have now."

The search has not been an easy one as many other plazas in the area are also being torn down, leaving small businesses like Agincourt Bakery unable to find a place to set up shop.

The family-owned operation has been a local favourite since 1985, becoming known for its Italian hot table and Italian pastries.

Despite not making a formal announcement of the upcoming closure via social media or their website, there's already been an outpouring of support for Agincourt Bakery from adoring customers who heard the news.

"I’m humbled at everybody that’s come to support us," said Romagnuolo. "We know how important we are to the community and how important the community is to us."

"After seeing all the response, I just love them more. They’ve done so much for us and huge support so that just motivates us to just do better and open up somewhere else."

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Hector Vasquez

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