Southern Crown Smokehouse Toronto

Toronto's hidden new barbecue joint is already selling out of food

If there's one thing Toronto loves it's good barbecue, and based on how quickly one of the city's newest restaurants is selling out, the city may have a new favourite. 

Southern Crown Smokehouse is a brand new popup operating out of Lob Toronto in Riverside that's been winning people over with their barbecue and Caribbean fusion style dishes.

The restaurant is a passion project between co-owners and chefs Kyle McClure and Barrington Graham who have been involved with a number of Toronto event venues including Lob and Vantage Venues.

The idea was one that the two of them had been bouncing around for several years. Combining McClure's love of Southern style comfort food with Graham's passion for Caribbean dishes into one excellent hot spot.

With Lob Toronto closed down because of the pandemic, the two decided to pursue this passion project and see what happens.

"He came up to my house and we broke out the barbecues and put out some twists on Southern food and Caribbean food to put together a menu," McClure told blogTO. 

"We're not trying to be anything specific, just trying to make good barbecue."

Just a week after initially launching, the demand is already surpassing the product. The team is selling out of jerk chicken nearly every day, with the braised beef selling out more often than not as well.

If the success continues the two plan to turn this little experiment into a permanent restaurant as early as next year. 

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Southern Crown Smokehouse

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