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Toronto bakery creates epic cake in honour of the Friends reunion special

It's finally time! The Friends reunion has dropped on HBO Max (you can watch it on Crave in Canada) after years upon years of fans petitioning the hit show's cast and creators to link up for just one more episode: The One Where They Get Back Together.

To celebrate the occasion, Toronto's SanRemo Italian bakery has created a gorgeous "Central Perk" cake that can only be described as a culinary masterpiece — something that Chef Monica would no doubt be proud to serve for dessert at Alessandro's or even Javu.

The Etobicoke institution, which recently lost its founder Natale Bozzo to COVID-19, shared a video of the cake's creation on Thursday morning, just hours after the reunion special's May 27 midnight release.

This, after revealing a set of elaborate Friends-themed cupcakes featuring everything from show logos and catchphrases ("you are my lobster") to Smelly Cat and that creepy dancing turkey head.

"Friends: the Reunion (the one with the cupcakes) available in 4 packs on Ritual from Thursday - Sunday," wrote the bakery's resident sitcom buff when sharing photos of the stunning cupcakes. "Not an ad; I just happen to watch Friends in the background of my daily life."


The pretty cupcakes will set you back $15.99 per four-pack, but the big purple cake itself isn't for sale. But you can win it by entering a giveaway the bakery says it will launch Thursday afternoon (keep an eye on its Instagram Stories.) 

While beautiful as a piece of art, the cake will no doubt be delicious, coming from SanRemo — almost as delicious as the juicy insider tales we've been promised from Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, David Schwimmer and the gang.

If you're hosting a reunion viewing party, you can be certain that these Friends-themed treats will have your guests drooling right along with Matthew Perry (who reportedly had an emergency dental procedure right before the special was filmed... you'll see what I mean.)

Good luck!

Lead photo by

SanRemo Bakery

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