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Mississauga brunch restaurant permanently closes due to lockdowns

As we're mired in another lockdown, yet another restaurant has been forced to close down. This time Kravingz, a brunch spot in Mississauga has announced it has closed its doors for good.

The restaurant had been around since 2015 and was known for its breakfast, brunch, and affordable menu prices.

Replacing it will be Hee Sushi who have already moved into the lot and received best wishes from the Kravingz team who hope that their regulars continue to support small businesses.

"It was a hard decision for us to throw in the towel, as it made the most sense during this time in the world. We will never forget our amazing team throughout the years, the lineups, the laughter and vibes every weekend at Kravingz," said the restaurant's team via a Facebook post.

"We hope everyone continues to support small businesses and support each other."

In a year where countless businesses have been forced to shut their doors, it still stings hearing that another establishment will join the bunch.

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