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Toronto's most famous vegan pizza shop is permanently closed and up for lease

It's official: Apiecalypse Now!, Toronto's original vegan pizzeria, has shuttered its last-remaining store in Toronto for good. 

The restaurant popular for its boxes of Fat Mac pizza and Simpsons-style donuts first closed the doors of its Christie Pits shop to the public in November.

Owner Jennifer Bundock said in an Instagram post that last year's decision followed delivery service troubles and other difficulties following six months of lockdown. 

While it wasn't entirely clear if the shop would reopen, Apiecalypse halted pizza orders completely for months. Over the holidays, the brand offered catering deliveries and pick-ups from Penguin locations across the city. 

But if you were holding out hope that you'd be able to hit the park with a socially distanced box of meat-free 'za, those dreams are officially crushed. Effective this past Wednesday, Apiecalypse has vacated the property at 735 Bloor St. after six years in the space.

"Ashes to ashes. Crust to crust," said Bundock in her post to the Apiecalypse page. 

"After holding on for the last year, to a space that we could not foresee ever returning to what it once was, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let go of our mothership." 

On her personal IG account, Bundock – who first launched the brand as a Mirvish Village vegan bakery in 2014 and expanded the pizzeria to several locations across the city – shared a more emotional farewell from the corner spot across from the park. 

The 2,200-square-foot store at 735 Bloor is now up for lease at $4,000 per month on realtor.ca.

As Bundock has said since shutting shop late last year, there are other plans for Apiecalypse in the works. She says we can expect a new project announced in the next few months. 

"We are not a building though, and we are not done." 

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