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You can now get bottled lattes in gorgeous packaging delivered to you in Toronto

You may have seen cold brew cafe sold in bottles, but you can now also get fancy lattes in flavours like mocha, caramel and hazelnut delivered to your door in Toronto.

Like so many things right now, Patco Cafe was born out of a desire to find a way to share and connect.

"Patco was started because there was a point in time last year where I was advised to stop drinking coffee because of a concussion. I was devastated so, I opted for sharing my coffee with friends instead. One friend asked a simple question: what if you sold this?" Patco founder Hanna Paras told blogTO.

"From there, I did research, and went through trials and samples to test if I wanted to push through with this idea. Throughout the testing stage, I realized how much I had fun with the process. At the same time, the enjoyment of sharing was rekindled."

In addition to the lattes, Patco also sells cold brew concentrate, and you can preorder for scheduled pickups or $5 delivery. All coffees are made fresh and packaged into signature cute bottles the morning they'll be picked up or delivered.

"I wanted to differentiate myself. At the time, I felt that I wasn't a skilled barista to do latte art so I didn't want to compete with coffee-in-a-cup. By putting coffee in bottles, I can bring a home-cafe vibe to the consumer, which I've enjoyed for many years, and avoid having to make good looking art," says Paras.

"It then evolved into a fresh coffee delivery service. In the beginning, the coffee-making process was all home-based. I'm currently working in a commercial kitchen alongside a business partner, The Good Goods."

The Good Goods makes "mochins," or chewy mochi muffins, and they've been operating a pop-up in collaboration with Patco at Upper East Food Club.

"The owners of Upper East ordered from Patco Cafe and when I delivered there, I ended up speaking with Serena and Alex, the owners. After some discussions and meetings, The Good Goods and I decided to do a month long pop-up," says Paras.

With many more people caffeinating at home these days, customers have really been responding to the instant gratification of Patco's bottled lattes compared to the multiple steps of brewing.

"Since the idea of freshly bottled coffee was fairly new, the response I got was immense. Many people were excited and hyped to try something new in the beginning," says Paras.

"Now, I think it's become a morning staple and a mid-day pick-me-up due to its convenience. Once it's delivered or picked up, the consumer has access to good-tasting coffee straight from their refrigerator."

Patco Cafe bottled lattes are available through The Good Goods, Toronto Market Co., and normally their own site, though it's currently closed during their month-long pop-up and will back up and running in mid-April.

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