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Toronto restaurant with beautiful interior design has permanently closed

One of Toronto's prettiest and best Latin American restaurants with some truly unforgettable interior design has closed permanently.

Kay Pacha was known for their lovely space as well as a delicious menu of Peruvian favourites like ceviche and kebabs.

"Restaurant closed last year in March. Never reopened," a representative of Kay Pacha confirmed to blogTO.

"The Instagram was never updated and no formal announcement was made about the closure."

Elias Salazer, former chef of Kay Pacha, told blogTO: "I left Kay Pacha in May of 2018 due to creative differences and the direction my ex partner wanted to go in. I believe after I left, the restaurant declined and they decided to close."

He added that he's not sure of the specific reasons behind the closure.

Though Kay Pacha may sadly be no more, Salazar is still moving forward with his own personal projects.

"I decided to launch my own brand, Waska Peruvian Kitchen and have been doing events and private dinners. The pandemic really put a stall on everything. Things are now getting a bit better and will be launching a take out/delivery Peruvian chicken rotisserie concept," says Salazar.

"All of our sauces and condiments plus our purple corn 'Chicha Morada' will be available for purchase in jars and bottles. There is also a ceviche/tiradito and snack bar in the works as well."

The chicken rotisserie concept should be offering Pollo a la Brasa, yuca fries and yukon gold fries, empanada boxes, anticuchos, tamales, ceviches, causas, pork belly sandwiches (pan con chicharron) and sauces (chimichurri, huancaina, aji rocoto, etc). It's expected to launch around March.

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Hector Vasquez

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