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Toronto's massive downtown food hall popular with office workers has closed

A gigantic food hall that opened not too long ago and was normally flooded with office workers every lunch hour has closed.

Harbour Eats by Mercatino encompassed multiple food concepts within the same sleek cafeteria-like space, including sushi, panini, tacos, coffee and even wine and beer.

A restaurant equipment sale was posted to local Facebook group Food and Wine Industry Navigator on Feb. 18 for the "Former downtown corporate food hall concept with appliances, smallwares and equipment for 2,000 sqft kitchen." Items for sale include ovens, a fryer, flat top, hotel pans, a meat slicer and much more.

Prices listed online range from just dollars for ladles, spoons and bowls up to around $15,000 for items like ovens.

With office vacancies expected to continue rising, this is far from the first or only business to be affected by the exodus of workers from the downtown core.

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Hector Vasquez

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