smash heart chocolates

Smash heart chocolates are already Toronto's Valentine's Day trend for 2021

Move over hot chocolate bombs — there's a new treat in town.

Chocolate smash hearts, a hollow chocolate casing filled with a surprise (usually candy) that are cracked open and consumed with glee, have been quickly gaining popularity among people in Toronto, according to Sweet Bites Toronto owner Martina Bani. 

"They've been extremely popular. They're the new hit. It's kinda like when chocolate covered strawberries were so popular. This is a new thing," she told blogTO.

Other Toronto-area bakeries are also noticing that the entirely edible smash heart chocolates are this year's new favourite, being used instead of cake to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and more. 

"Kids are going crazy for these," said Gabi Sanchez, owner of Cake Pops by Gabi, explaining that a lot of children don't actually like cake so these treats are the perfect alternative.

"The minute I launched them they were the number one product," added The Velvet Berry owner, Nabiha Ghaffur. 

These fun-filled desserts have only been around for a few months with most of the Toronto bakeries blogTO spoke with only selling them since the summer. 

Bani started making the breakable chocolate hearts in July after being inspired by the Kim Kardashian's "Kimoji hearts" the reality star sent out for the launch of her latest perfume.

Sanchez and Ghaffur spotted the trend on Instagram from U.S. sweet shops. 

Since then sales for the smash hearts have been "crazy busy" especially during the holidays, and they're ramping up again for Valentine's Day. 

"This is going to be huge for Valentine's," said Ghaffur.  

Toronto bakeries told blogTO they are already getting orders for the new smash heart chocolates for Valentine's Day and it's still only January. 

"I can't wait for Valentine's. I can't imagine how busy I'll be," Bani said, telling blogTO she's already received plenty of orders, including some for people who plan to use the chocolate to propose to their significant other.  

Bani said that some people are hiding engagement rings in the chocolate so that when they break it open they find the ring. 

"It's the cutest way to propose," she said. 

Although some might prefer a boozy treat instead of jewelry - Sanchez told blogTO the latest one she made had a mini bottle of Grey Goose Vodka in it.

"You don't know what to expect when you break into," said Ghaffur. "I love that surprise when you break into it. It brings some excitement to your gift."

Either way, if you want a smash heart for Valentine's, Bani advises getting your order in sooner rather than later. 

"It's going to for sure be something crazy for Valentine's Day. People should prepare," she said. 

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Gabi Sanchez

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