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It's now easy to send a cocktail to someone in Toronto when they really need a drink

It's now super easy to send a cocktail to someone in Toronto for those of us that really miss buying our friends a drink in person at the bar.

UK-based company Send A Negroni has partnered with Kelsey Ramage of Dolly Trolley Drinks and sadly short-lived bar Supernova Ballroom to bring their brand to Toronto.

"The idea for Send A Negroni came about as we basically just wanted to celebrate the gift of giving. We wanted to create something simple that people can utilise to spread a little bit of love. What started as a nice idea has now grown into its own platform," says Co-Founder Alex Lawrence.

It's strictly negronis, but the process works much the same as sending over a drink to someone in a bar: fork over $16 and a single serving of a Negroni, delivery and a postcard are all included. It'll take a little longer than even the slowest bartender, between one to five days, but you can send them anywhere in Canada.

"The relationship came about as we actually have a long history with those who founded Send A Negroni. Alex and Kelsey both worked together for a long while in London, UK at the globally acclaimed Dandelyan," Iain Griffiths, Ramage's partner at Trash Collective, told blogTO.

"We all have numerous cross-overs professionally and personally so it's wonderful to have Send A Negroni as the latest project to partner on."

If you don't think a single serving is enough for your giftee, there's also a five-serving "Bag-o-Negroni" option for $55 that's available for next day delivery within the GTA.

"For now it's Negronis as we think its one of the most simple and delicious cocktails out there but there are plans for an expansion of offerings around the middle of the year," says Griffiths.

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