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Toronto could be getting a pub on wheels that you can ride with your friends

Toronto could be getting one of those bars on wheels that have become so popular (and, some might say, obnoxious) in other cities.

Like electric e-scooters, pedal pubs that you can book with a group of friends have taken off in other places, but are still just starting to be considered for Toronto.

But now Pedal Pub, a company that brings mobile pub cycles to cities, has opened a lobbying file in attempt to launch here with real estate agent Lyle Jones as the senior officer and co-founder of Pedal Pub Toronto, according to City Hall Watcher.

Pedal Pub began its operations back in 2007 in Minnesota, the entrepeneurs that founded it inspired by "rolling pubs" or "party bikes" that were being innovated in the Netherlands in the 1990s. By around 2018, franchise opportunities became available across North America and there are now over 60 franchised and licensed locations.

Despite the moniker "pedal pubs," no drinking would actually take place on the Toronto 15-passenger bikes. Rather, passengers will pedal to three breweries on different two-hour tours.

Still, Pedal Pub Toronto co-founder Aleksandra Burke hopes the large format bikes will bring a spirit of fun to the city at a time when it's sorely needed.

"With everyone having been stuck inside for so long, we think there is going to be demand for an activity like this that allows people to experience the city in a new, fun way, while at the same time supporting local bars and restaurants that need our help," Burke told blogTO.

"It's hard not to smile when you encounter a group of people pedalling, singing, and having a great time. It was certainly our experience when we tried it in NOTL and Nashville. Our plan is to bring a little fun to this city."

The plan is to launch in May 2021 pending COVID restrictions, with two routes. Liberty Village/King West and Waterfront/Distillery tours will stop at three bars, while seeing sights along the way like the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, St. Lawrence Market and Roy Thomson Hall.

While opinions on the launch may be mixed, knowing how much people in Toronto love biking to the bar (remember that?), this seems like something we'd likely welcome with open arms.

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