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Toronto restaurant is closing for the winter after trying so hard to make things work

A Toronto restaurant that has pivoted more times than it can count is taking a much-needed breather after a punishing nine months of trying to make things work.

Greta Solomon's posted to social media announcing that Christmas Eve would be their last day of service for the foreseeable future.

"We have shut down, reopened as a general store, takeout, built a patio, opened a curbside patio, reopened on the inside for about 5 days, scrambled to find Mason jars and patio furniture, shut down the inside again, searched the world for patio heaters, closed the patio, reopened as a wine shop and takeout again and we are finishing it off with our holiday gifts baskets…all in 9 months," reads the announcement.

"We cannot pivot anymore than we have. Included in this year was the death of my sister that was killed by a reckless driver. We feel that it is now time to close for a little while."

The caption goes on to say that the team behind the French restaurant owned and operated by women, headed by Darlene Mitchell, is "worked to the bone" and that they'll be taking personal time to take care of their mental and physical health, delving into books and nature to recharge.

They'll also be coming up with new ideas for when they eventually reopen.

The post concludes by sending out gratitude to all who have supported Greta Solomon's at this time, also letting everyone know they still have until Dec. 24 to pick up cocktails, wine, takeout and a six-course Christmas Dinner.

So squeeze in one last visit before they go on hiatus, and show some holiday support for a place that could really use it.

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Hector Vasquez

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