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Toronto Indian restaurant shuts down after reports of dispute with landlord

A restaurant from a chef with a 30-year career in Toronto has suddenly closed down.

Spice Indian Bistro was run by Chef Debu Saha, whose cooking journey in Toronto started back in 1996 with the opening of The Biryani House in midtown Toronto.

After moving locations and a brief hiatus from Toronto, Saha returned to the scene in 2008 with Debu's Nouvelle Indian Cuisine. You also might recognize him from The Food Network.

Spice Indian opened just a couple years ago and was located near Moss Park. It was known for showcasing Saha's creative and refined cooking style including dishes like his popular biryani, honed at luxury hotels in India.

While a tweet from local food writer Suresh Doss claims the closure is due to a dispute with the landlord, Saha told blogTO it was also because of COVID-19.

The restaurant officially closed on October 30.

Debu says they'll be closed until COVID "is over," and then will be opening a new location, though he doesn't know where it will be located or what it will be called.

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